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Mozes Rosenberg Quartet feat. Giacomo Smith - Poinciana - Live in London

If you like Gypsy jazz music, you will love this. In this video you'll get to hear Gypsy jazz played by Stochelo Rosenberg's brother, Mozes. The Crème de la crème of gypsy jazz, Mozes Rosenberg is one of the most celebrated guitarists playing on the international jazz scene today. Alongside his older brother Stochelo, the Rosenberg family have become known globally as the 'first family' in gypsy jazz and are in constant demand at festivals and concert halls the world over. 

It was one of the highlights of 2019 for me to play with these giants. Playing with these guys inspired me to work even harder to improve myself as a musician, and I have been practicing extremely hard since. My playing here was (and still is) nowhere near the standard of these guys but I thought I'd post this anyway since the guys here played things that are really worth sharing. Thank you Mozes, Giacomo and David for sharing the stage with me for a whole night.

I hope you enjoy this!


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