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"Filippo has the magic balance of talent and drive and both serve each other perfectly.
He positively glows in his numerous musical endeavours, is boundlessly enthusiastic and he has the skills to back all of this up.
Further, he is a pleasure to play with and I expect big things from him." – JOHN WHEATCROFT of  GUITAR TECHNIQUES MAGAZINES

Filippo Dall’Asta is an Italian Gypsy jazz guitarist, composer, bandleader and arranger, mixing the sounds of Gypsy jazz with bebop and classical music, to forge his own style of progressive guitar playing.

Filippo began playing at the age of 5 in Parma, Italy, and  studied music in his native country as well as Germany, France, Holland and India.

In 2010, at the age of 23, he arrived in the UK. He has toured and recorded with hundreds of artists such as Stochelo Rosenberg, Mozes Rosenberg, Lollo Meier, Giacomo Smith, John Wheatcroft, Duved Dunajevsky, Rares Morarescu, Gypsy Dynamite, Harp Bazaar, Tara Minton (Björk), Mehboob Nadeem, The Onironauts and many more. His touring resume covers Germany, India, Italy, France, Spain, England, Malta and Russia, with notable appearances at The Royal Albert Hall, the House of Parliament, the Tower of London, the Union Chapel, and many festivals in France and Italy.

Filippo released his first solo album in December 2018: Mediterasian, innovative album featuring over 20 musicians in which the erratic energy of Gypsy jazz combine with the meditative sonorities of Indian music.

The album was praised as "one of the best instrumental albums of 2018" by LA Music Critic Awards.

In 2020, for his side project "Gypsy Dynamite", Filippo releases an album of 10 original songs fusing Gypsy Jazz, Bebop, Latin and Mediterranean melodies:

"Cafe Dynamite"
 album received several rave reviews amongst which "An irresistable and unforgettable charm"  by Jazz Journal UK.

Filippo is currently based in Spain and is working on his next album "The Hot Club of Tenerife", which will be released in 2024.




I was 16 years old. My father gave me a Django Reinhardt record as a gift, and the very first time I listened to it, I was hooked for life. There was something about Gypsy jazz music that spoke to me, and I knew that this was my calling in life. Since then, I have trained with Gypsy guitar masters in France and Holland, soaking up every lesson that I could.

Their history rife with pain, repression, and persecution, the Gypsies play music that is reflective of both sadness and joy – that joy coming from the strength that they feel to keep moving forward. In that way, I believe that this music captures life in all its beauty, the happy and the sad together as they are.

During a six-month backpacking excursion in India, I fell in love with classical Indian music. Its sounds resonated with me deeply, waking up something ancient inside me, telling me things that I had always known but perhaps forgotten. Traditionally connected to meditation, Indian music has been proven to have a restorative and calming effective on the mind and body.

"Mediterasian" is my humble attempt at fusing Gypsy jazz and Indian music, in order to impact people’s bodies and souls positively. I want people to start healing through Indian music and to live their life with the passion of Gypsy music - to heal their wounds and then move forward with joy.

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