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The Onironauts - Kings of the Swingers

The Onironauts are oneiric astronauts, translating dreams into music.

The French-Italo-Russian quartet formed in 2010 in London where Filippo Dall’Asta, Dimitri Stocchi, Evgeny Sukhotin and Nano Sigo were studying at Tech Music Schools.

From the very first day they shook hands they knew it was love. The band started jamming in a West London pub and developed an eclectic sound: a mix of rap, heavy guitar riffs, funk bass lines, crispy saxophone melodies, elements of gypsy jazz and electronica, using spaceship-pedalboards and crazy effects.

News of this “musicians' band” travelled to The Animal Farm, who, having seen the band tear the roof down at the Dublin Castle in Camden, offered to make a record on the spot.

The first fruits of their collective labour come in the shape of this EP "Kings of the Swingers".

The Onironauts - Kings of the Swingers

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