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With Gypsy Jazz Giant Mozes Rosenberg

The other day marked the anniversary of Django Reinhardt's death in 1953...I was very happy to be sharing this video on that day.

I recently got to partner up for a musical collaboration with Mozes Rosenberg,one of today's Gypsy jazz giants.

"Mozes is the most recent guitar genius from the Rosenberg dynasty, the first family of Gipsy Jazz. A musical talent with amazing technique and a natural feel for swing music. He is one of the most phenomenal acoustic musicians of this time who fuses traditional Dutch style playing with more contemporary phrasing and licks"

This is a beautiful tune called "Double Jeu", which refers to the "double game" the two guitars play.

I hope you like it!

Yours truly,


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Thanks Andrew Globe, Martin Enthoven and Paul Jabore,

you guys are truly amazing, thank you for contributing to my freedom in sharing my music with the world.


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