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"One Of The Best Instrumental Albums of 2018" - LA MUSIC CRITIC AWARDS

Such a beautiful review from the LA Music Critic Awards about my new album "Mediterasian".

The luscious music of India meets the gypsy jazz sound of Italy on the debut album from guitar virtuoso Filippo Dall’Asta.  The result is breathtaking and these relaxing instrumental grooves will soon have the listener in audio nirvana.  This is one of the best instrumental albums of 2018, and an early favorite for an LA Music Critic Award for the next cycle.  You will want to play this one from start to finish, and relish in the beautiful guitar playing of Dall’Asta.  He even brings in renowned Gypsy guitar legend Lollo Meier on “Django’s Castle” to put the cherry on top of this musical treat. Recommendation:  If you love music, you will want this one in your collection.  We strongly recommend you get it.

Download/Stream "Mediterasian" here:


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