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My new album “Mediterasian” is out now!

My new album “Mediterasian” is out NOW!

Gypsy Jazz meets Indian Music, with special guest Gypsy guitar legend Lollo Meier.

I am so happy I am finally putting this out in the world.

You can stream it, download it, or buy a physical copy on my website.

It’s been an incredible journey and I couldn’t have done it without the hard work of all the ultra talented people who believed in me and agreed to work on this project:


Filippo Dall’Asta – Lead Guitar Lollo Meier – Guest Lead Guitar Tim Ellis – Rhythm Guitar Umberto Calentini – Double Bass Daniele Antenucci – Drums Keval Joshi – Tabla Mehboob Nadeem – Sitar & Vocals Surjeet Singh Aulakh – Sarangi Liza Bec – Bass Clarinet Duncan Hemstock – Clarinet Duncan Menzies – Violin Dominique Durner – Vocals Laura Ayoub – Violin Sarah Ayoub – Cello Nazlı Erdoğan – Viola Andrew Jason Nash – Trumpet Phil Entwistle – Bass Trombone Sushma Zaveri – Vocals Ekta Rana – Vocals Kintan Vohra – Vocals


You can watch the single of “Mediterasian” here:

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