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Donna Lee - Damjan Pejcinoski & Filippo Dall'Asta

It was such a pleasure working with my friend and amazing guitarist Damjan Pejcinoski on Donna Lee. Damjan is an amazing guitarist, you will love his playing on the video. Enjoy it! Yours, Filippo

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Thanks Andrew Globe, Martin Enthoven, Paul Jabore, Kim Overgaard Dahl and Mark Allen, you guys are truly amazing, thank you for contributing to my freedom in sharing my music with the world.

► Recommended gear for Gypsy Jazz guitar:

- Beginner D-Hole Gypsy Jazz guitar:

- Beginner Oval-Hole Gypsy Jazz guitar:

- Argentine strings:

- Jim Dunlop Gator Guitar Picks 1.5 mm (use the sides, not the tip!):

- Jim Dunlop Gator Guitar Picks 1.5 mm (for more attack and volume - use the side of the pick, not the tip!):

► Recommended books to learn Gypsy Jazz guitar:

- Bireli Lagrene-Gypsy Jazz Guitar Artistry:

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