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All Of Me - An Italian Gypsy Jazz Collaboration

It was so much fun working in collaboration with JamManouche ( and with many very talented Italian musicians. T his is our take on "All Of Me", a jazz standard written by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons in 1931. Make sure you check out and support JamManouche, they are doing an amazing job at keeping Italian music and culture alive, and they deserve our support. I hope you like it!

Musicians (in order of appearance):

Francesca Confortini (Lombardia) - Vocals

Moreno Vadini (Abruzzo) - Guitar

Daniele Corvasce (Puglia) - Guitar

Gabriele Cau (Sardegna) - Guitar

Alberto Palazzi (Piemonte) - Guitar

Alessandro Vece (Lazio) - Violin

Filippo Dall'Asta (Emilia Romagna) - Guitar

Maurizio Geri (Toscana) - Guitar

Andrea Infusino (Calabria) - Guitar

Andrea Corrado (Basilicata) - Guitar

Lorenzo Baldasso (Lombardia) - Clarinet

Cyrano' Vatel (Campania) - Guitar

Angelo Lazzeri (Umbria) - Guitar

Marco Zammuto (Sicilia) - Double Bass


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