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The Gypsy Jazz Guitar Makeover Coaching

System includes:

✅ A weekly coaching call to support you        in designing and creating your Gypsy       Jazz guitar skills

✅ A choice of 4 different coaching times        available throughout each week so            you can find a call time that best                suits your schedule

✅ Each week, work on a different                    category of your Gypsy Jazz Guitar            playing: right hand technique,                    rhythm, chords, scales & arpeggios,          licks, learn standards, transcribe                solos, music theory

✅ 15 minutes Q&A after each session


✅ Unlimited access to the replay of                each week's session

Tasks & Worksheets

As my 104-year-old grandfather once told me:

"Practicing music all my life kept me healthy and strong in my body and mind...never compare yourself to others. You will ALWAYS have something to practice and to work on. And that's the beauty of music. This is our gift as musicians: we will never be bored and we will always be focused on improving ourselves."

Filippo Dall'Asta

  • "The course is designed to be thorough, and to guide the learner to see progress daily - and it works. I am having a lot of fun following this course and cannot recommend it highly enough." - Adam S.

  • "I enjoyed the course and Filippo's teaching style. There is clear and logical explanation of the required music theory, followed by techniques for creative improvisation. This course fulfils the objectives stated in the course content, and I am enjoying practising the techniques learned. Highly recommended if this is of interest." - Jon C.

  • "Genuine? Helpful? Actually gives me a real place to start practicing?! So much yes." - Kyle L.

  • "Some "lights" really went on for me as a result of this course. I feel more confident with my leads and now have better command of the fretboard. To any potential students: if you are on the fence about taking this course, give it a shot. You'll be happy you did." - Mark A.

  • "This is by far the best online guitar class I’ve ever taken. Well worth the investment. I have always been a good rhythm guitarist but was stuck in the pentatonic rut and didn’t understand chord theory and scales until now. I hope you create more courses! I’m telling all my friends who play guitar to buy this course! Thank you!" - Bob B.